The DUKE and Salty Flowers

Whew! Whoa! Woo-Saa! Super! Super-Duper!


H3 actually. It’s the truth folks; we have decided to join the ranks of environmentally-conscious men with small peniseses worldwide everywhere…stuff.

Ok, so far, the ACTUAL OC is smoggy and lukewarm. I would know, because I am here. Right now. For serious.

It seems (so far at least) that the entire state of California has a strange obsession with John Wayne. When we flew into the airport this afternoon, the flight attendant (who, naturally, you couldn’t hear over their “loud”speaker system) announced “fnah fnah blah, John Wayne, flah blan na na”. Naturally, I had a mental “what the deuce?” moment and quickly found myself intruigued. No sooner had I stepped footy off of the airplane and headed over to reclaim my (emotional) baggage when I ran (almost literally, but mostly figuratively…ok, all figuratively) into a ginormous larger than life bronzing of cowboy-style John Wayne. What the F California? You’re not lame Wyoming, your crazy party time California. You have a reputation to uphold. Pretty soon your you’re gonna be all like, “Hey, come on down to California, we’ll head over to the library for a CRAZY time! We’ll look for books and such…be all like, there are a lot of books in here!”

For serious. Step it up. Get more drugs, or gangs, or gangs of drugs.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never done this “blog” thing. Why would you shorten “weblog”? It’s two tiny words all squished together… It’s not like snigglefritz. I mean, if complaining on the internets was called snigglefritzing, well then; maybe you’d have a decent reason to shorten a word…to


Which is still longer than “weblog”. That’s just ridic.

Oh, yeah, we’re staying at a big fancy hotel somewhere in Southern California…I can see the ocean. Everything smells like salty flowers…and exhaust.

Oh. Orange County (the actual OC), has crappy orange juice. Bleh.

Written by: on March 16th, 2007 at 11:02 pm